Cuepil Choi


To see if an ionic eutechtic solvent made of urea and choline chloride could be of any use to any of our previous experiments as a "green solvent." Ideas were based off of this paper.


A 2:1 mole ratio between urea to choline chloride were taken and placed on a hotplate until the solvent turned clear. After cooling, 4-chlorobenzaldehyde was added to conduct any of our previous experiments in this mixture to study the effects of the solvent.


HNMR spectrum 1 - eutechtic solvent by itself 65:34 ratio between urea to choline chloride according to google appscript integration.


Further experiments with this solvent is unlikely due to 4-chlorobenzaldehyde's low solubility in the solvent.


The mixture successfully became an eutechtic solvent, but failed to take in very good amounts of 4-chlorobenzaldehyde, contrary to the paper's solubility findings of 4-chlorobenzaldehyde in the ionic eutechtic solvent.



11:43 mass of erlenmeyer flask 72.415g
11:46 4.467 g chloline chloride added to flask
11:50 3.784 g urea added to flask
11:57 mixture placed on hot plate. Stirred occassionally.
12:12 mixture turned clear, two specs of urea still undissolved. Taken off of hot plate
12:22 mixture pipetted into NMR tube
12:30 mass of vial was 11.7727g
12:32 0.1243 g of 4-chlorobenzaldehyde added to vial
12:36 1.4615 g of eutectic solvent added to 4-chlorobenzaldehyde
12:41 solvent had trouble dissolving 4-chlorobenzaldehyde, 0.4903 g of eutectic added.
12:43 0.4939 g of eutectic added
12:47 0.4939 g of eutectic added
12:47 0.7515 g of eutectic added. Solvent still having trouble taking in much of solute. Insolubility event declared at room temperature
12:55 mixture heated with heat gun to melt 4-chlorobenzaldehyde. Mixture of solvent and solute did not mix, two separate layers formed.
14:43 HNMR spectrum 1 taken of eutechtic solvent alone at 26.6 C with an outer tube containing deuterated water. Deuterated water set to 4.8 ppm